Always be daringly empathetic.

Photo by Blue Lemon Shots.


In the last few weeks I've learned so much about what it means to be human. If anyone were to ever ask me what my favorite quality about myself was, my answer is always the same, my ability to see any situation through eyes of empathy, to care deeply without needing to know too much and to be fiercely loyal.

Though lately, there have been times where all I've wished for, was to stop being so darn empathetic, to stop feeling so much so quickly. I wished my heart was hard so I didn't feel at all. But that lasted only a brief moment and it usually came with the resolution to always honor the empathy, the people who made me feel it and the ones who moved me to create change.

All this to say, no matter how things turn out, to care for another, to honor how they make you feel, to feel pain and heartbreak is to be human in the most wonderful way.

It gets better, you get better, no matter how dark it may seem.

People are always, always worth the risk even when they don't think they are...





June 20th, 2016