This debut show gives us a look at a body of work by humanitarian photographer Letticia Bissondut and sees her fall in love with her subjects while following them in their everyday life. Letticia dances with her camera creating movement, light and life in every frame. The purpose of "Light of the world” is to show that we are far more alike than we are different. Poverty and child labor are addressed as social challenges, but the strength + joy of the Malawian people is above all else the focus. The show has been featured in LA Weekly, Girl Gaze, Curate LA and continues to gain traction throughout the world.

"Far too many times I have gone through photo books and other media, seeing the continent of Africa portrayed as weak and needy. The image of the little African kid, dirty and starving, is definitely not the only narrative that there is. With this series I wanted to go against that image. I dedicated my time to telling the stories of hope, courage, love, joy and light. I wanted the Africa I grew up in to be represented. That's what I want to share with the world.”

"I want to tell stories of equality, to show people a world that they may not experience in their lifetime. I want to tell the stories of those who think that they are forgotten. I want them to know that they are not forgotten, that they matter and I want to make sure that I do it with truth and dignity. The most important part of shooting portraits is the connection I get to make with my subjects. There is a process of falling in love that takes place. And I believe that in order to do work that is going to create social change, you have to fall in love with the people of that place. I'm really excited that I get to share this story and body of work with my LA family "