It doesn’t matter what our belief system, what our political divides are, what matters is that we are human and we must take care of each other...
— Erwin McManus

Like many of you, my heart shattered, this week. My heart shattered because of ANOTHER senseless act of violence. My heart shattered when I heard the news of the chemical attack in Syria. That's when I could feel it start, and to be completely honest I shut off all social media and limited my contact to the internet, for most of my day.  At first it felt cowardly on my part, that it had taken me almost a whole day to lean into what had occurred but I needed to process what this feeling that rapidly built up inside me was. My empathy was moving me towards rage and so the conflict in my soul began...

All of this led me to thinking, maybe that's what we need to do at this point? Maybe we need to get angry, we need to get outraged by these crimes against humanity, we need to rise up and we need to do something. It's on us right now to let the people of Syria know that they are not forgotten. The atrocities happening in Syria, is currently the largest humanitarian crisis in the world today! That's six years of war, that's 5 million Syrians who had to flee to other countries as refugees and  more than 6 million displaced within their own country, right now.

Far too many lives have been lost already. Too many men, woman and children who have lost their lives. Too many families destroyed, and children who have become orphans. A nation of human beings, who may never be able to see their dreams come true and who may never be able to leave a legacy because of this war. The fact is, that the world survives on humanity and part of what being human means is, fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, fighting the injustices and fighting for love.

This is a CALL TO ARMS and to ACTION. This is a battle that needs to be won by LOVE, our LOVE...

No matter what your beliefs are, let's take our rage and turn it into hope. The time to rise up is now. Mosaic , lead by Erwin and Kim McManus are making it incredibly easy for us to donate our resources (all links are here and below) . The time to rise up is now. The world is collectively crying out and our voices should be heard, our hands and feet should be used in this war against humanity.




Click on this link to hear more about what we can do, from Mosaic  and you can donate here . All proceeds go the aid of the people of Syria.

All video and images by the insanely talented Jake Viramontez for Mosaic Global.